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From the Desk of Executive Director, Jeffrey Quamme

Training Opportunities

September 24, 2014

Wallingford, CT  – The CCB is proud to partner with the Multicultural Leadership Institute for two unique training events that we are able to offer at no cost to participants.  Both events feature trainers with not only subject matter expertise but who are dynamic speakers as well.  “Alternative Medicine and Addictive Disorders” with Dr. Jaquel Patterson is scheduled for Saturday, November 8th, and “Supporting Sexual Health of LGBT Individuals in Early Recovery” with Dr. Juline Koken will take place on Friday, December 5th.  Click on the title of each course for more information.  All courses will be held at the Luis Marcano Training Center at 100 South Turnpike Road, Wallingford, CT.  Registration is simple - simply send an email to  Other events are planned for both the fall and winter.


Professionalism: It is the backbone of our vocation. The directors and staff of the CCB are committed to the advancement of professionalism for ourselves and for our certified professionals. It is our expectation that our certified professionals here in Connecticut will lead the way for the benefit of our clients, our agencies and also for the profession as a whole. With that being said, please note the following reminders which will improve the services the CCB provides.

Website: The CCB website is continually updated for easier access to the information that our professionals require. Many of these changes are made based upon the recommendations that you make. We value this feedback and gladly implement suggestions to increase ease of use. Most of the questions that we receive can be answered by information on the CCB website, therefore we ask that individuals seek the information they require through the website before contacting the CCB staff with questions. Please note that you will be referred back to the website should the information that you seek be readily available there.

Contacting the CCB:  We strongly encourage professionals seeking information to contact us via email rather than over the phone. Using email provides a documentation trail which helps to avoid confusion during the process. Please note that we have a small staff profile, and with the volume of information that we process, oftentimes we are not able to answer the phone. Emails can be responded to whether we are in the office or not, which makes it more convenient. Please remember to check your junk or spam mailboxes to avoid missing any information. We do send reminders out in advance regarding renewals as a courtesy only. Filing documentation in a timely manner is solely the responsibility of the certified professional.

We appreciate your adherence to these updates. It will make it easier for us to get you the information that you need in a more timely fashion.

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